Need a Spanish Golden Visa? You’ve come to the right place!

Brexit has left numerous property owners longing for winter sun and unhurried rounds of golf, as well as the leisurely enjoyment of their exquisite homes in the Canaries. That’s precisely why we’ve gone the extra mile to provide an exceptional solution – the Gold Visa.

Nicky - Golden Visa Spain

The Gold Visa is your ticket to freedom, granting you the flexibility to travel to and from Spain at your convenience, fulfilling your every desire in Spain without imposing restrictions. It won’t encroach on your 90 days in 180 allowed for exploring the rest of Europe, eliminating the need for meticulous Schengen calendar tracking or day counting. We’ve seamlessly integrated the Gold Visa into the purchase of properties valued at over 500,000€.

Whether you’re a UK-based business owner using your Canaries home for occasional weekend getaways, an investor in holiday rentals, or envision this as your future residence, the Gold Visa simply requires a minimal presence of just one day in Spain each calendar year, or as many as 366 if you decide to work in Spain. The choice is yours, making it the ultimate visa for non-Europeans.

The Gold Visa is a luxurious convenience. We’ve partnered with seasoned professionals in this field who possess a wealth of experience to ensure that the process is effortless and your desired outcome is guaranteed. Joaquin, an immigration law expert, and Miranda, your dedicated point of contact, will handle all your paperwork requirements, ensuring a seamless process. The most crucial aspect is that we’ve secured top-tier, personalized service for you.

Once you’ve acquired your property, a bespoke consultation will set everything in motion. You won’t need to concern yourself with consulate visits in the UK, as the application is conveniently processed in the Canaries during your pre-arranged visit. Subsequently, you’ll receive a response to your 3-year Gold Visa application within a week. Afterward, you’ll obtain the coveted TIE biometric card as an investor.

Contact Nicky for more information:

Paul Ruane – Los Gigantes Properties
Calle Flor De Pascua, 23,
38683, Los Gigantes
+34 922 86 13 13

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