About Paul Ruane – Los Gigantes Properties

Paul Ruane and his team are now taking Los Gigantes into the future with new developments such as Cristal, and Aqua Suites along with some other ongoing developments.

Although some claim to have been the first Estate Agent in Los Gigantes, the fact is that Paul has seen many Estate Agents come and go in this area.  He has seen others retire and be taken over by newcomers, some of which only lasted a couple of years. However, due to Paul Ruane actually being the first Estate Agent here and due to the involvement he had during the construction of Los Gigantes, not only do our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience but they can also rest assured that we will be here for them for many more years to come. In fact 4 out of 5 Estate Agents in the immediate area bought their own properties from Paul Raune. 

Paul has a dedicated team who share much of his knowledge and who have worked alongside him for many years. Most importantly, we work as a team to ensure the best interests of all our clients are first and foremost to everyone.

Step back in time

The first properties to be built in Los Gigantes are located around the Church Square, although the Church was not built until much later. Originally the village consisted of its first major construction, being the Hotel Los Gigantes at which time was half it´s current size and whose swimming pool was across the road in what is now “The Oasis".

At that time The Oasis was called “The Club" and belonged to the Hotel Los Gigantes.

Paul Ruane arrived in Los Gigantes in 1979, aged just 20 years old, at which time the apartments of Florida were starting construction.

He became involved in the sales of those properties from Plan and then went on to work for Jens Peter Fulda, who owned the largest construction company in this area. For the next 15 years Paul worked as head of sales and then later became a director for Construction Fulda and then went on to open his own agency – Los Gigantes Properties s.l.

During the original construction of the following complexes, Paul Ruane was responsible for the sales and sold them all initially from Plan: Hibisco I, II and III, Medusa I, II and III, Crab Island Apartments, Sunset Apartments (Los Gigantes).

All Crab Island Villas, Cornisa, Tamara A , B, C ,D and AII, BII, CII & DII, Los Arcos, Various properties in Calle el Pino, Calle Adlefas and Calle Tabaiba, the Urbanisation of San Francisco including Apartments California and Santa Barbara, Edificio Mario in Puerto Santiago, Las Pardeleras, Finca Esmeralda, Grand Tabaiba, Avenida Apartments. Also, a little further afield : Villas in El Madroñal and Villas in Valle Hermosa in Playa de Las Amercias.

Paul Ruane was also involved in several other complexes and premises such as: Tipsy Terrace, Restaurant Tamara, Restaurant El Pescador, The Oasis, Arches Bistro

Paul was also the main Sales Agent selling the following complexes from Plan:

Aqua Marin, El Marques Palace, Balcon de Los Gigantes, Sansofe Puerto, Florencia (P.O.), El Marques and Las Rosas , Sansofe, Vitacura, India Sol, Vigilia Park , Casa Blanca.

Paul Ruane and Constructions Fulda worked side by side with The Piñeiro family and their company “Gigansol" who were the pioneers of Los Gigantes (and who actually built the Hotel Los Gigantes) and developed the complexes of: Sauce, Drago, Flamboyant, Geranios, Jacaranda, Club I and Club II, Jasmin, Las Mimosas and various properties in Calle Pino

Paul also sold properties for several other independant developers who also built complexes and properties in the area.

To this day, Paul Ruane and Los Gigantes Properties s.l. continue to sell properties in every complex and location in and around this area and are most certainly the name you can depend on.

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